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The Akira score is finally being reissued on vinyl
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Composed by Dr. Shoji Yamashiro of the Geinoh Yamashirogumi collective, the score is particularly unique because it was created and recorded before the film was made. Akira's animations were then crafted around the music, rather than the score being ...

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10 'Ready Player One' gaming, TV, film Easter Eggs revealed in the new trailer
The first trailer for Steve Spielberg's virtual reality epic Ready Player One has just landed and the response has been positive so far. But for those who aren't familiar with the book the film is based on, they might wonder why there are so many ...

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Sun, 23 Jul 2017 00:15:42 GMT


Here's every Easter egg in the Ready Player One trailer we could find
I take it you've watched the Ready Player One trailer by now, and if so, you've already gotten a sense for how nostalgia-filled and heavy on pop culture references the movie will be - after all, that's kind of the whole point of the book. But we're not ...
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