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Dragon Ball Creator On Whether Franchise's Films Are Canon
If there is one thing Dragon Ball fans tend to argue over, it is the franchise's canon. The iconic franchise has a lengthy history and a slew of Dragon Ball content has been made over the years. From manga series to anime and video games, Akira ...
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Relive jap anime of 80's and 90's
The New Indian Express
“The 80's and 90's was a revolutionary time for anime,” he says. He particularly highlighted some iconic work of this time like Akira ,the 1988 dystopian sc-fi anime film that has a cult following, Ghost in a Shell, another major anime film work from ...

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Dragon Ball Super Illustrator On How Series Varies Between Anime, Manga
With the anime nearing its 80th episode, audiences are clearly looking forward to Akira Toriyama's story while Dragon Ball Super's manga continues it backdated rollout. Of course, long-time fans of the series may be curious about how the Dragon Ball ...